Let’s start making memories.

Music doesn’t play favorites. It treats everybody the same way - when we hear a song from our past it sparks  our memories and takes us back to the events that shaped our lives.

So it’s really, really important that the band playing the music that’s tickling your brain stem knows its stuff.   

That’s where Party Jones comes in.

They work with you.

You’re the boss. They’re the musicians. It’s really not that complicated.

They know dynamics.

Cocktail hour isn’t the same as a dance-off. They get this (see “volume knobs”).

They’re professional.

Never late, dressed appropriately and always engaging. It’s nice to be nice.

They’re really good.

Fearless, not arrogant. Fun, not rude. And live and breathe music, head(s) to toe(s)..

Musicians. Not rock stars.

They’ve played in front of as many as 15,000 people and for 20 at a “friends only” cocktail party. Though the audience size changes, the band’s approach doesn’t: Listen to the client. Be professional. Be fun and polite. And get it right. 

They’ve travelled across the state, country and the world to perform music that makes every event a blast. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate celebration for 5,000 employees, or an intimate personal get together  - Party Jones always delivers the music that pulls it together.

And here they are.

Party Jones is always ready to greet old friends, make new ones and work hard to give you the very best night of fun, high-energy music around. But If you can’t make a performance, the duo “Wyatt and Doc” - two Party Jones members - perform once a month at smaller restaurants and also at events by request. And like the full band, they’re friendly, fun and professional, and always deliver the music that helps you revisit great memories.

Want to talk? They’re all ears (and instruments).

There’s a reason why these guys are called “The Band of the People” - they believe there’s no preferential treatment when it comes to music. It's communal - a way for everyone, from musician to guest to coordinator, to equally share happiness. And they’re in the business of making that happen for every person at every gig. 

And even beyond that, no band works harder to make sure every note they play is on the nose for you, the venue, the company and your guests. They don’t just go through the motions - they make sure to stick the landing, every time. See for yourself - catch Party Jones at an upcoming performance. And for booking information, more band information, a client list, song requests or a complete song selection, drop them a line, and they’ll get back to you lickity split.